Hi there 👋!
I'm a fullstack mobile web and Android developer. I currently work with Spring | Angular | Android. I work with Linux computer and code proficiently in Java, Kotlin and Typescript.

Career Objectives

I aspire to become a principal fullstack mobile web and Android developer having expertise in Spring-Java | Angular-Typescript | Android-Kotlin. With interest in Web3, its also my career goal to gain the skills necessary in writting Solidity based smart contract and integrate it in to mobile web/Android enviroment using the Web3J/Web3JS libraries respectively. Consequently bringing the trust of Web3 in to mobile web solutions.

What I do

Mobile Web and Android Development

I am very passionate in solving problems programmatically.
Career: Professional fullstack mobile web and Android developer.
Pro Skills: Spring | Angular | Android
Niche Skill: Web service development with Spring framework and Java
Other Skills: JavaFX
Languages: Java | Kotlin | Typescript
Reactive libraries: RxJS | RxJava
Codding style: Imperative | Reactive
Dev ops: GitHub | Heroku
Database: PostgreSQL | MongoDB
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Block Chain

I am very passionate about starting a career in Web3.
Interest: Ethereum
Pro Skills: Smart contract development
Niche Skill: Web3J integration with mobile web/Android enviroment
Language: Solidity
Web3 libraries: Web3J | Web3JS
Dev ops: Infura
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